ongoing projects

2021 - ongoing


Ex-Ante Evaluation of the CAP Strategic-Plan for Austria (2021-2027)

With main focus on impacts on soil, water, biodiversity, landscape, air and climate

Project work for: Rosinak & Partner


Environmental impact declaration pumped-storage power plant St. Gerogen.

expert reports on: Waste management concept, landscape management plan, cultual assets, plants, landscape impacts.

Project work for: Naturraumplanung Egger


completed projects

project work



Environmental impact assessment Windfarm Bärofen.

Overall coordination. Expert reports on plants, animals, landscape impacts and cultural assests. Overall assessment of environmental impacts.

Project work for: Naturraumplanung Egger


QGIS Workshop: QGIS basics for engineering offices

policy evaluation



Policy Evaluation of the Austrian Agricultural Policy (CAP pillar 1 & 2). Assessment of payments and evaluation of efficiency and results regarding political objectives. Development of recommendations for future policy-programmes.


2016 - 2019


Evaluation of agricultural policies for the Austrian Rural Development Programme 2014-2020: impacts of political interventions on biodiversity (Focus Area 4a). Reporting to the European Commission (general reports) and to the National Government (detailed reports on specific evaluation questions). Fields of expertise and evaluated interventions include:

  •  Knowledge transfer and advisory services
  • Investment in physical assets
  • Agri-environmental-climate commitments
  • Genetic resources in agriculture
  • Organic farming
  • Basic services
  • Payments for less-favoured areas
  • Forest-environmental-climate
  • Natura 2000 and water framework directive
  • Cooperation - Environment and climate change
  • Greening (pillar1)


2015 - present


Consulting services for the Austrian Government regarding the evaluation of Rural Development Programmes.

  • Knowledge and interpretation of relevant CAP regulations, directives and guidelines
  • Ongoing exchange with national and international CAP experts  (e.g. european evaluation helpdesk workshops) on the implementation of the CAP in other EU-member countries.

 Evaluation of agricultural policies for the Austrian Rural Development Programme 2007-2014: ex-post evaluation. Evaluated measures include:

  • Rural heritage
  • Tourism
  • Cooperation

CAP policy objectives include:

  • Improving the environment and countryside
  • Improving the quality of life in rural areas
  • Building local capacity for employment and diversification
  • Improving the competitiveness of the agricultural and forestry sector

Ex-ante evaluation of the Austrian Rural Development Programmeg 2014-2020 (environmental schemes).  


In: ÖIR GmbH und ÖAR Regionalberatung GmbH (2014): Ex-ante-Evaluierung des Programms LE2020 – Bericht 3: Bewertung des finalisierten Programms und der Verwaltung der Programmdurchführung. BMLFUW. Wien.


Mid-term evaluation  mid-term evaluation - fruit and vegetables regime (CAP - pillar 1).


Hambrusch, J. und Weber, N. (2013): Evaluation of the National Strategy for Sustainable Operational Programms in the Fruit and Vegetables Sector (2012). Austria. Unter:


Project-design, development of methodology and performance of research commissions


2018 - 2019


Evidence based vegetation analysis for the Project LIFE+ - Habitats in the  river mouth of the river Traisen (LIFE07 NAT/A/000012)
Documentation of the development of still- and sidewaters and macrophytes.

Project work for: Naturraumplanung Egger


EO4BTAlp - Earth observation for biotope - and habitat mapping in the alpine zone

Development of a remote-sensing based methodology for habitat (biotope) mapping.

Project work for: Naturraumplanung Egger and Z_GIS


2014 - 2015


Environmental quality in the urban and rural regions of Austria and its influence on quality of life.

Project work for: The Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Austria.

In: Egartner, S. und Weber, N. (2015): Lebensqualität der land- und forstwirtschaftlichen Bevölkerung sowie Umweltqualität in urbanen und ländlichen Regionen Österreichs. At:[tt_news]=116&cHash=042002d07578eb7f86eb4c0cdcc4e2cc


2012 - 2013


Social farming.

Project work for: The Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Austria.

Wiesinger G., Quendler E., Hoffmann C., Di Martino A., Egartner S., Weber N., Hambrusch J. (2013): Soziale Landwirtschaft – Situation und Potenziale einer Form der Diversifizierung land- und forstwirtschaftlicher Betriebe in Österreich, Südtirol und Trentino. Bundesanstalt für Bergbauernfragen. Wien. Unter:


2010 - 2011


Evaluation of changes in the landscape in an alpine habitat regarding selected effects on biodiveristy.

Project work for: The Nature Park Kaunergrat.

Weber, N. (2011): Impacts of structural changes on the diversity of an alpine landscape. Wien. Unter:

data and GIS analysis, processing and evaluation


Evaluation, analysis and handling of big data


2018 - 2019


Biotope-mapping in the high mountains, construction of a database and GIS analysis - project work for: Naturraumplanung Egger and Z_GIS


2012 - 2019


Analysis, evaluation and handling of the IACS (integrated administration and control system) database. Project work for the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics and the BMNT (Ministry for sustainability and tourism), Austria.


2014 - 2015


Evaluation and assessment of different databases regarding environmental indicators in Austria (e.g. databases regarding noise, air pollution, ozone measurements, water quality) 

Geographical Information Systems

Development of methodology, and analysis of spatial data, open data


2014 - 2017


Development, analysis and interpretation of spatial indicators. GIS analysis of spatial data.


2012 - 2015

  • Open Data: Support of the Federal institute of Agricultural Economics, Austria, with the implementation of the INSPIRE directive.
  • Analysis of GIS data and visualization.